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Keating Technologies' Technical Services department is committed to providing total customer satisfaction through a variety of support and service programs for the Canadian high technology industry. Our manufacturer-trained support specialists provide comprehensive pre-sales and post-sales support to Canadian distributors, resellers, and end-users ensuring total customer satisfaction. The superior quality of our technical support and customer service team is a fundamental component of our Total Market Management® in Canada.

Our high employee retention rate means less downtime, shorter learning curves and the confidence of knowing that the person handling your customer has the experience to do it right. Because that's what we do, every day, for some of the best-known names in the industry. Most important of all, we treat your customers like our own.

Why have high fixed operating costs when you can offset them with Keating's variable cost model? It simply costs less to use Keating! In fact, we're proud that for many clients, we provide their lowest cost per user in the world! A higher first call closure rate means fewer support calls. And that can dramatically reduce your cost per revenue dollar.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, systems and infrastructure can also decrease your capital expenditures. So choose Keating's seventeen year history of award-winning technical support and customer solutions services. After all, aren't happier customers and lower costs exactly what you're looking for?

Looking for Technical Support for your product or software?

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