Total Market Management®

No industry changes faster than the technology industry. From cloud-services to mobile computing, getting your product to market, developing your channel and driving revenue must happen in real time. Keating’s TMM® service provides a comprehensive, national approach to the Canadian market. Immediately leverage our understanding of the relationships, the competitiveness, the vast geography, and the bilingual and multi-regional nature of Canada to penetrate and develop this rewarding market.

By the time most technology manufacturers are ready to launch into Canada, they are operating in zero-time. Understanding the competitiveness, the vast geography, and the bilingual nature of Canada is the key to both a successful launch and on-going management.

When you're ready to add the Canadian market potential to your revenue picture - call Keating Technologies. Only Keating Technologies can put our proprietary Total Market Management® (TMM) to work for you to deliver positive business results in Canada.

Keating Technologies offers an integrated services strategy with a unique combination of customer intimacy, product knowledge and operational excellence. The company's services focus on:

Accelerated speed to market
Established customer relationships
Operational cost-efficiency
Proven sales strategies
Measurable marketing initiatives
Award-winning technical services
Excellent return on investment
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